As with any other industry, it is important to keep staff motivated in supply chain and logistics.

Motivating your employees makes helps create a climate of continuous improvement.

Employee engagement should not be underestimated as it can have an impact on the general costs of the company. This is because it is directly linked to the commitment that each worker has in carrying out a certain activity. This in turn influences the entire performance of the warehouse.

How do I measure the engagement rate in logistics?

The rate of involvement in operations defines the efficiency of an operator in carrying out his/her tasks in the workplace. We can use the following formula to calculate this figure:

Activity level = 100 x (Time allotted to perform a task / Actual time utilized to perform it)

The above can be measured using time studies.

The level of engagement can be used to monitor the operational performance of a warehouse. In other words, it allows you to make a comparison between the estimate of the time it takes to carry out a set of operations vs the time it should have taken.

How to motivate logistics staff?

A motivated operator usually does their job effectively. However, even the best motivation can wear out when the work becomes extremely repeatable. When boredom and the absence of prospects for improvement take over, staff may experience a decline in interest and focus in activities.

Team Building

The team-building concept aims to strengthen and consolidate the cohesion of a work team. It is particularly useful to the company as it leverages the collective spirit, it also works on the motivation of the individual.
Uniting individuals and forming a winning team is the result of a long process, so we combine to dedicate complete days to team building. To achieve great results you always have to start with small steps and be constant.

Monetary Incentives

The economic incentive could be one of the pillars of your employee management strategy. In addition to involving workers, it helps to stimulate them to give their best. All this is reflected in the speed at which tasks are performed. You can assign an economic incentive individually or collectively. This strategy has proven its reliability over the years, but it’s important to emphasize that it doesn’t and really should not be your only motivational tool. It works well when combined with other tools and methods of motivation.


Empathy means worrying about others and their well-being. Developing this act requires embracing various positive daily behaviors such as: showing gratitude, being available, empowering with trust, and leading with optimism. A successful manager is able to put in place a positive attitude and is predisposed to listen actively to the opinions of the colleagues around him. This allows him to understand best how to best interpret the “mood” that you breathe in the warehouse. The ability to empathize coincides with being flexible, especially with the requests of the staff: manage the schedules, customize them and let each person combine his professional life with his personal life. Remember that the two depend on each other.

Diversification of employee tasks

The activities of operators should vary to avoid having them fall into monotony. Hence, the possibility of diversifying activities must be evaluated. This strategy brings multiple benefits: the team will be multi-purpose and able to perform multiple different tasks. Not only will employees gain in terms of satisfaction, but the company will also be able to count on more trained staff. A concrete situation in which the benefits of diversification are appreciated is when in stock it becomes necessary to cover the absences of some dependencies or start to develop activities that involve a certain ability of multitasking by operators.

Employee motivation is not a simple art!

When workers enter a company, they always start with a good deal of motivation, and it is important that the spirit and enthusiasm that accompanies them are not lost over time. For this reason work on the job satisfaction of each employee, because it is the fuel that keeps the heart of the warehouse beating.

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