Globalior is maintained by a panel of expert global trade compliance professionals. The collective knowledge of all contributors includes mastery in trade compliance concepts in areas of tariff classification, Customs valuation, Free Trade Agreements, transfer pricing, supply chain vendor selection, vendor management, Customs audit readiness, Incoterms, special Customs programs and industry specific regulatory expertise.

Our advisory services:

  1. HS Classification advisory and defense plan/write-up preparation
  2. General guidance on HS Classification, Free Trade Agreements, Transfer Pricing & valuation etc.
  3. General guidance on Customs procedural issues in South East Asia

Our content creation services:

  1. Supply chain and logistics content creation, publication and/or distribution.
  2. Custom made corporate awareness content campaigns. See samples here.

We have also helped customers on projects such as:

  1. Conducting Free Trade agreement utilization opportunity studies
  2. Transport cost saving analysis studies
  3. HS classification audits
  4. Mock Customs audits
  5. Internal compliance audit program development

Reach out via our contact page to speak with us.

Globalior aims to be the primary resource for trade compliance professionals and non-trade compliance professionals looking for practical guidance and knowledge in maintaining compliance in cross border activities.

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stink bug controlled by BMSB measures

Stink bug measures in Australia

Stink bug measures in Australia are implemented by authorities to prevent the spread of the brown marmorated stink bug in the country. These bugs see seasonal increases in places like North America and Europe. In order to prevent the spread of these bugs into Australia, authorities introduce several seasonal measures ...
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Getting an import license in Singapore

Singapore is located very strategically in Southeast Asia. Recognizing the geographical advantage it has, the government has worked hard to capitalize on it. Over the years, an elaborate transportation network has grown around the island, connecting it to the rest of the world. Within Singapore, abundant facilities exist that encourage ...
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Effective Compliance Training

Compliance training for the larger organization is an essential part of any compliance department's scope of work. Having colleagues throughout the supply chain who are familiar with concepts such as HS code classification, Incoterms, valuation and import licensing is an advantage to any global trade manager, as it allows for ...
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