Globalior is maintained by a panel of expert global trade compliance professionals. The collective knowledge of all contributors includes mastery in trade compliance concepts in areas of tariff classification, Customs valuation, Free Trade Agreements, transfer pricing, supply chain vendor selection, vendor management, Customs audit readiness, Incoterms, special Customs programs and industry specific regulatory expertise.



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 Our series of Global Trade Snippets are designed to be shared to the larger corporate audience with a purpose to increase compliance awareness within the organization.

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We do several HS Classifications for clients every day. Our HS Code Look Up Tool allows you to search our database of classifications.

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We publish a free to access, extensive library of articles on compliance concepts such as HS Classification, Free Trade Agreements, Customs Valuation, Transfer Pricing and much more.

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Globalior aims to be the primary resource for trade compliance professionals and non-trade compliance professionals looking for practical guidance and knowledge in maintaining compliance in cross border activities.

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Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

What is supply chain and logistics technology? Supply chain & logistics technology refers to the software and hardware used in the following activities: Efficiently receiving raw materials, transforming them into finished goods and delivering them to customers. Managing inventory run rate Managing S&OP 3 Trending supply chain technologies in 2020 ...
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Top Line vs. Bottom Line

When looking at any organization's income statement, the lines indicating the bottom line and top line are almost always shown. Investors can make decisions about continuing in an investment, withdrawing all funds or injecting more money just based on the bottom and top line data. These concepts are relevant to ...
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US-China Trade Wars: What Can US Importers Do?

As of February 2020, we are going through a friendlier phase of the trade war between China and the US as things seem to be improving between both countries. These developments are almost always a talking point in every corporate meeting as many decisions concerning growth and financial projections of ...
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