Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

What is supply chain and logistics technology? Supply chain & logistics technology refers to the software and hardware used in the following activities: Efficiently receiving raw materials, transforming them into…

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Top Line vs. Bottom Line

When looking at any organization's income statement, the lines indicating the bottom line and top line are almost always shown. Investors can make decisions about continuing in an investment, withdrawing…

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Gross Weight vs Net Weight

When talking about the weight of your shipment, things aren’t always as straightforward as they seem. However, they aren’t too complicated either! In this article, we will take a look…

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Shipping Container Locks

Cargo placed in shipping containers spend extended periods of time unsupervised in insecure areas. Hence, in almost all instances of container freight, there is a lock in place that prevents…

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Back to Back LC

What is a Back to Back letter of credit? The Back to Back letter of credit is a secondary letter of credit that can be used finance a transaction. The…

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Role of Trade Compliance Managers

International trade is more relevant in today’s world than it ever was. Companies across the world continuously try to venture into foreign markets and expand their businesses. Even manufacturing or…

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